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Davis H. Taylor - Author of The Imperfect Leader, Leader at TAI

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Davis and his team at TAI Incorporated specialize in maximizing leadership effectiveness, developing high performance teams and creating optimal performance cultures for leaders and organizations of all types. At the core of our teaching and beliefs is the importance of Values-based Leadership, a proven leadership model for sustainable, transformational change and growth.

Value-based Leadership training enables leaders to effectively engage, motivate and develop their followers for enhanced execution, performance excellence and outstanding results.


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"There is one true and effective model for leadership that outperforms all others — it is time - tested and historically proven to be the leadership model for transformational change. In The Imperfect Leader, Taylor offers an interesting, well written articulation of that model. It is a very practical book that should be read by any leader seriously intending to make a difference—in their organization—or in the world."

- George Gallup, Jr., The Gallup Organization


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